Valentines Day


This Valentines Day, show your significant other how much they mean to you, with a totally free e-card. Maybe throw in some flowers for good measure.

Days until Valentines Day!








Maybe give it a night.... Two if you want to be absolutely safe.
Ain't nobody got time for that.
That's supposed to be the sound of a kiss.... You know what? Just read the card.
On an e-card no less...
Nothing good will come from this...
Yet no one seems to be able to explain what that means...
The age old struggle. Now in card form.
It was close, but you eeked out a win. Congrats.
Or not, whatever.
It's not a big list, but its important
You are my soulmate
Pretty sure I love you...
Better do what it says
Get it? Because its a heart...
Go together like eggs and bacon
...r butt
It's the thought that counts
It's really all you need.
We're the best
Sometimes Netflix > Sex
I love you