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Or at least like you are't getting too old for this...
Won't you think of the piñatas?
Thanks for kicking Napoleon III's butt and giving us Cinco de Mayo.
Wow, that's a lot of color...
Super original.... we know.
Tacos > Evrything
A few of my favorite things
The reason I never seem to be able to remember Cinco de Mayo...
Even if its a disappointment...
I'm sorry, but your time has come...
Hide Yo Basket... they celebratin Easter up in here...
It's cool to put them all in one basket... But only today.
Except for this guy... (Happy Easter)
Get it, "Hoppy"... You know what, never mind... We're trying too hard.
Have some sugar...
Good luck on your search for plastic eggs filled with candy!
Pretty much unavoidable if you have kids and/or pets...
Nothing, just Spring stuff...
It's springtime! Well, unless you live in Minnesota, then you have to wait until May
and thanks for the S.A.D.
but more importantly, goodbye winter...
Like billions of tiny, little middle fingers to winter.
Has Sprung!
Bring May flowers! Which in turn warm my cold, dead soul...
It must be an angel.
Let's do all the things you want to do...
Star Wars, Star Trek, Mathmatics... It's all deadly
Do, or do not
Boy was I sad when I realized what it really meant :(
... of love.
Where everyone I have ever loved is from.
Shout out to all the Women across the globe today. Keep doing your thing.
This is one of those rare "all inclusive" holidays...
Sup Ireland...
Just kidding, I don't need a reason to celebrate.
That can't be good.
Someones getting lucky.
If leprechauns exist, we'll find them. You know, for science.
Not your typical beer related holiday...
I'm pretty sure someone, somewhere in my family was kind of Irish...
Embrace the shenanigans...
But I drink like I am.
The endless meetings... not so much.
You're welcome co-workers!
Maybe give it a night.... Two if you want to be absolutely safe.
Ain't nobody got time for that.
That's supposed to be the sound of a kiss.... You know what? Just read the card.
On an e-card no less...
Nothing good will come from this...
Yet no one seems to be able to explain what that means...
The age old struggle. Now in card form.
It was close, but you eeked out a win. Congrats.
Happy Birthday!
Never gonna let you down
I love you
I can never open my own jars
I don't know how to do laundry
Or not, whatever.
Keep moving forward, always forward
Hold on tight and fight with everything you have
Immortal words that will never cease to be true
And the greatest of these is love
And there was no greater dream.
Bigger, no even bigger.... keep going... bigger.... there you go.
It's not a big list, but its important
You are my soulmate
Pretty sure I love you...
Better do what it says
Get it? Because its a heart...
Go together like eggs and bacon
Mainly because it means winter is over
Congrats on it
Are you having any more?
Until morning drop-off starts
Just kidding, I don't really care
The struggle is real
Don't forget your husband
Tell your friends goodbye
Neat trick
That should be fun
But I can't...
You can't deny the convenience
You're never sleeping in again...
Now the music is stuck in my head...
Circle one.
Whatcha doing?
I already told her about you
What are you wearing?
Pastels everywhere!
This should cover everyone on social media...
or don't, whatever
stop trying to make it happen.
there will be an 8 instead of a 7...
Zero for a lot...