About Card Simple

Just some awesome people, trying to make the world a little brighter, one e-card at a time 🙂

Why Card Simple?

I bet you’re asking yourself “why would anyone want to make sending e-cards so painless and free?” Well, we believe in a little thing called “being awesome”, and advertising revenue…. but mainly being awesome. There’s a saying we totally started that goes: “It’s the thought that counts”. Sending someone a thoughtful note, playful message, or something that just makes them giggle can turn someones day around. Rumor has it, in certain cases it can even lead to life-long friendships, long term relationships or eternal happiness.

We here at Card Simple pride ourselves on our sense of humor, and more importantly, our awareness of internet culture, memes and current events. We’re not perfect, so if you do have any thoughts on how we might do better, mistakes we may have made (some of these cards are in fact created before we have our coffee), or even ideas for cards you might need in your life, please let us know on our contact page. And always remember to be awesome to each other.

“Make Somebody’s Day Today.” ❤️ Card Simple