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Featured Seasonal e-cards: Love!

It was close, but you eeked out a win. Congrats.
I love you
Pretty sure I love you...
The age old struggle. Now in card form.
...r butt
Sometimes Netflix > Sex
Nothing good will come from this...
Yet no one seems to be able to explain what that means...
Go together like eggs and bacon
It's really all you need.
Never gonna let you down
Circle one.
Whatcha doing?
You are my soulmate
Now the music is stuck in my head...
It's the thought that counts
We're the best
Ain't nobody got time for that.
That's supposed to be the sound of a kiss.... You know what? Just read the card.
On an e-card no less...
I love you
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e-cards that are Always in Season
Treat yo self.
You can tell its a classy free card by the marble...
You magnificent b*stard...
Annnnnnd you're crying...
Right? Whatever...
No seriously, I just want cake...

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