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Featured Seasonal e-cards: Happy Holidays!

Simple and to the point. Merry Christmas
This should cover everyone on social media...
Bring on the next one...
In gold no less... fancy.
Santa says...
or don't, whatever
there will be an 8 instead of a 7...
It can't possibly get any worse?
To you and yours
Call your bubbe
The best 8 days of the year
And now I wish it were spring again
Let's make this one count.
We made it easy to make, and keep, your resolutions
Its not New Years without him
I know i was excited for winter but this is ridiculous
stop trying to make it happen.
Zero for a lot...
For some ugly sweaters
... right round baby
Or is it Chanukah?
Are you ready?
My favorite part of winter is the end
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Treat yo self.
You can tell its a classy free card by the marble...
You magnificent b*stard...
Annnnnnd you're crying...
Right? Whatever...
No seriously, I just want cake...

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