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I love you
It was close, but you eeked out a win. Congrats.
The age old struggle. Now in card form.
It's really all you need.
Never gonna let you down
Go together like eggs and bacon
...r butt
Sometimes Netflix > Sex
Nothing good will come from this...
Yet no one seems to be able to explain what that means...
I love you
I can never open my own jars
I don't know how to do laundry
Get it? Because its a heart...
It's the thought that counts
We're the best
Our Most Popular e-cards
Happy Birthday to you!
Simple and to the point. Merry Christmas
Science never lies
Best of Luck
This should cover everyone on social media...
It's like a regular thank you, but with "so much" on the end
e-cards that are Always in Season
The world got a little brighter.
Treat yo self.
You can tell its a classy free card by the marble...
You magnificent b*stard...
Annnnnnd you're crying...
Right? Whatever...

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